Metal Review: Lacrimas Profundere | Antiadore (2013)

Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore

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German goth metal icons Lacrimas Profundere are back with their tenth studio album entitled “Antiadore.” For fans new to this band, they will absolutely love this band. They are similar to someone like Charon, who I love.

While “Antiadore” is not my favorite album of theirs (as of right now), it is pretty strong. They have some really nice things going on here, but they sound like the same things that they have done in the past.

Dead to Me is a really nice tracks with its fun, catchy chorus and melodic elements. The title track, Antiadore, is another nice song that is written very well.

Overall, “Antiadore” is another nice release from Lacrimas Profundere, but not nearly as good as some of their previous work.

Antiadore Track Listing:
01. My Release in Pain
02. Antiadore
03. What I´m Not
04. All For Nothing
05. Dead to Me
06. Abandon
07. Still in Need
08. Deny For Now
09. Head Held High
10. My Chest
11. Remembrance Song
12. A Sigh
13. Words (Bonus Track)
14. Doomed and Unarmed (Bonus Track)
15. A New Scar [bonus]

Antiadore Release Dates:
24.05.2013 – GER/AUT/SUI
29.05.2013 – ESP/SWE/NOR
31.05.2013 – BENELUX & FIN
03.06.2013 – REST OF EUROPE
11.06.2013 – USA/CAN

Lacrimas Profundere Line-up:
Rob Vitacca – vocals
Christian Steiner – keyboards
Oliver Schmid – guitar
Tony Berger – guitar
Willi Wurm – drums