Metal Review: Kalmah | Seventh Swamphony (2013)

Kalmah Seventh SwamphonyAs the champions of the swamp metal genre (not that there are many others in this genre), Kalmah has done a lot of good for themselves in their previous 6 full-length releases and 15 years of existence. With the addition of a new keyboard, there seems to be an extra something with “Seventh Swamphony.” Virtuoso lead guitar player Antti Kokko is up to his old tricks and the band sounds tighter than ever. I am still not sure why they cannot just call themselves melodic death metal, but who am I to argue?

The opening two tracks are the standouts with title track, Seventh Swamphony, being a crazed display of musicianship and Deadfall being more of a riff-based performance.

Love them or hate them, Kalmah has carved a nice little niche for themselves and continues to watch their fanbase grow with each passing release. Let’s see how “Seventh Swamphony” is received on June 17, 2013 via Spinefarm Records.

Seventh Swamphony Track Listing:
1. Seventh Swamphony
2. Deadfall
3. Pikemaster
4. Hollo
5. Windlake Tale
6. Wolves on the Throne
7. Black Marten’s Trace
8. The Trapper