Metal Review: Forlorn Path | Man’s Last Portrait (2013)

Forlorn Path Man's Last Portrait

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New Brunswick’s Forlorn Path hits us with their debut full-length release, “Man’s Last Portrait,” as a different band than the one that released their first EP, “Being Towards Death,” in 2010. Only two founding members remain, but the sonic assault that we have come to know is still there,

“Man’s Last Portrait” opens with The Coming of Winter, which is a three and a half minute instrumental romp showcasing the band’s more melodic side and a lot of their dynamic. Once Empire of Decadence, we get into their heavier side, while incorporating elements of their melodic sound as well. Masquerade is such a strong song with some really nice guitar lines in it. It also has some haunting parts with beautiful, melodic work and the female spoken voice.

Overall, “Man’s Last Portrait” is a very polished modern take on the black metal genre. The vocals are spot on and the guitars have a thrash metal-style tone which blends perfectly in most of their songs. The songs pack a surge of emotions and evoke feelings of icy snowcaps from start to finish. The twists and turns that you will endure on this trip will be well worth every second.