Metal Review: Dew-Scented | Insurgent (2013)

Dew-Scented Insurgent

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Hitting shelves on May 28, 2013 in North America via Prosthetic Records is Germany’s Dew-Scented with their celebration of 20 years of metal destruction entitled “Insurgent.” Their latest effort features three brand new songs, seven live tracks, plus covers and more.

Insurgent” begins with the new tracks, which are not bad at all, but I was more looking forward to the covers and live tracks, especially covers of Prong and Powermad. As far as the live tracks go, Sworn to Obey and Cities of the Dead stand out with the latter rocking that familiar groove that makes it so great.

The cover of Prong’s Steady Decline has a great bass and drum sound, but the guitars are missing the sharp harmonics that Prong employs. The vocals are not as good either (I cannot believe that I just said that Prong has good vocals). The power of the song is still there though. The Judge cover, The Storm, is a heavy-as-hell assault on the ears that has so much power behind it. The cover of the classic thrash metal anthem, Slaughterhouse, by Powermad is not bad, but the vocals detract from it too much when you put it up against the original. Musically, it is rocking though.

Overall, Dew-Scented has put together a nice collection of their 20 years of madness with “Insurgent, ” so their fans will be very happy.

Insurgent Track Listing:
01. Confronting Entropy (5:36)
02. Guided By The Dead Light (5:19)
03. Sadistic Sinner (INCUBUS [Brazil] cover) (4:54)
04. Sworn To Obey (Live 2012) (4:05)
05. Turn To Ash (Live 2012) (3:02)
06. Soul Poison (Live 2012) (3:58)
07. Storm Within (Live 2012) (4:02)
08. Cities Of The Dead (Live 2012) (4:44)
09. Never To Return (Live 2012) (4:13)
10. Acts Of Rage (Live 2012) (4:21)
11. In Dying Mode (4:20)
12. Steady Decline (4:32) * Originally by Prong
13. No Spiritual Surrender (2:48) * Originally by Inside Out
14. Good Day For A Hanging (4:28) * Originally by Wasted Youth
15. The Storm (JUDGE cover) (3:23)
16. Recall The Pain (1:06)
17. The Death Of Common Sense (3:44)
18. Slaughterhouse (POWERMAD cover) (4:31)
19. Superstar Destroyer (GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS cover) (2:55)

1-3: new songs, 2013
4-10: live songs, 2012
11-15: Recorded during the “Icarus” sessions, 2012
16-19: Recorded during the “Invocation” sessions, 2010

Dew-Scented Line-up:
Rory Hansen – Guitar
Marvin Vriesde – Guitar
Leif Jensen – Vocals
Joost van der Graaf – Bass
Koen Herfst – Drums