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Manegarm Legions of the North

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Sweden’s MÃ¥negarm have released the title track from their upcoming album “Legions of the North.” The album is set for release on July 1, 2013 in Europe and one day later in North America through Napalm Records. As expected, Legions of the North is a pretty kick-ass song.

Legions of the North Track Listing:
01. Arise
02. Legions Of The North
03. Eternity Awaits
04. Helvegr
05. Hordes Of Hel
06. Tor Hjälpe
07. Wake The Gods [bonus track]
08. Vigverk
09. Sons Of War
10. Echoes From The Past
11. Fallen
12. Forged In Fire
13. Raadh