Kreator Announces Split Release With Legion of the Damned

Kreator Legion of the Damned SplitKreator has checked in with the following announcement about a split release with Legion of the Damned:

“New split single with Legion of the Damned! Prior to the live DVD, Blu Ray, and album entitled ‘Dying Alive’ that will be released in August, this is what will happen:

“2012 was the year of the Kreator – so to speak. The teutonic thrash titans hit the charts worldwide with their highly anticipated new album and label debut ‘Phantom Antichrist’ and by the end of the year/early 2013 they also led pretty much every reader’s poll near and far!

“During their extensive world tour, Kreator also played a sold out show in Oberhausen, Germany where they recorded the entire show. One track of this mind blowing performance in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans, is now available on 7“ vinyl – experience the brutal live force of ‘From Flood Into Fire’ and get a brand new track from Dutch thrash metal maniacs Legion of the Damned on the B side of this prestigious release, on top!

“Check the single cover, which is a part of the final DVD artwork below. More infos coming soon, so stay tuned!”

The split is due out in June.