Hayride DVD Signing….


Tonight at Movie Stop in Mobile was the official dvd signing for the new Midnight Releasing film Hayride. We reviewed the film a few months back and they loved our review so much that they made us a part of all their marketing. To have so many people hug you or come up to you and say “ thank you so much, you do not know how much we loved what you said about our film”. It is quite the moment. So much so, that Richard Tyson, star of such films as Kindergarten Cop and 3 o’clock came up to me and hugged me and thanked me, which is absolutely the reason I do all this for. I do not do this for the paycheck like some of the others, or to be someone because reality sucks, I do this because it is my passion and to hear from you the readers and them the creator means so much to me, that is my payday. So enjoy all these pictures and rush out and see Hayride. Thanks to all the cast and crew who believed in our site so much to let us be a voice for their film. Thank you to director Terron Parsons, who treated me like I was the star of the film as did the rest of the cast.