Comic Review: Ehmm Theory #1

Ehmm Theory 1Writer: Brockton McKinney
Artist: Larkin Ford
Colorist: Jason Strutz
Publisher: Action Lab

Imagine everything you grew up believing was lie. Imagine your best friend was a talking cat with a penchant for bad movies. Imagine there is an entire world beyond the one you know and you just discovered you’re connected to it by blood. Welcome to Gabriel Ehmm’s world and the wildest treat this side of the afterlife. Gabriel Ehmm finds himself thrown into a world of talking animals, zombie midgets and the fat man calling himself Saint Peter. The adventure begins here by blowing your brain off in an action-packed issue that’s bound to mess your face up!

Ehmm Theory is Action Lab’s flagship title for their new mature line, Danger Zone. It is also the first foray into the horror genre for the publisher. Author Brockton McKinney simply knows how to tell a good story as he has shown in the past with The Sick and the Dead. With Ehmm Theory, he has taken his writing to an entirely different level. From the synopsis above, you can see that Gabriel Ehmm’s world is no doubt an odd one. You would expect a cluster of random ramblings that would cause this title to be messy, but the truth is that Ehmm Theory is a must-add to your pick list. The story starts off amazingly, and by the end of the debut issue, you want more.

Also, in case your were wondering about the backstory of the title itself, writer Brockton McKinney has said the following:

“It’s a play on the “M Theory” hypothesis that is a derivative of String Theory. Basically the idea that there are multiple universes separated by a sort of membrane.

Gabe’s surname is Ehmm and his father’s theories are going to come heavily into play in the series. So I thought it’d be cool to play off the M Theory angle!”

The comis is a very smart one as evidenced by his description aboce. Also, the story makes great use of black humor throughout the story, so it is entertaining as well as gripping. As you know from my typical reviews, I do not retell the story that the comic tells. I give my opinions and leave it up to you to decide if you want to purchase the comic and make your own opinions on it. I cannot endorse Ehmm Theory enough though. It is very worth the read.