Book Review-Remaking Horror: Hollywood’s New Reliance on Scares of Old


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Review-Remaking horror films are a hot topic for us horror fans. Growing up I remember remakes like The Blob, The Fly and also The Thing that really were amazing, but then I remember also that they tried to do a new vision for Godzilla with New World Pictures as well. I mean, I am not against remakes because I understand without them we would not have some of the movies listed above, but I just feel that right now and as early as the mid to late 90’s they seem to really want to remake films just to say they did. James Francis Jr. takes my feelings and really makes a very interesting read out of it. The cover alone is going to raise the ire of the normal horror fan, or one like me who shelled out cash to see the remake of Pyscho at the movie theater. The writer explores this shot for shot remake, as he also explores films like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Francis devotes a whole chapter to each and explains the differences between the original and the remake. He also talks about what works and what did not in his perspective. He also makes a lot of valid points that really make you think; he put some work into this book and did not just want to write just to write. As the book goes on, he also gives you some shorter examples of remake vs. original with Island of Dr. Moreau and Fright Night. While not as in-depth as the other chapters, this was really fun and kept my attention and anticipation with turning the next page. He also offers a remake catalog, where he compares budgets and the grosses of each film. While Francis at times says his share of odd things like when he sorts of praises Michael Bay but also damns him, and when he makes some weird assumptions that you think he is trying too hard to come across as knowledgeable and dick-like at the same time. But all that aside, this is a must read if there ever was one for not only horror fans but film buffs, because let’s face it remakes are not going away and before we all die they will have remade every movie yet again. All in all, this was a great read and I enjoyed myself. I mean, when someone like me is praising a book that means a lot because I hate to read, even a menu at dinner I hate reading.

9 out of 10