Wrestling Review-Timeline: History of WWE 1989 told by Brutus Beefcake


Kayfabe Commentaries are back with another edition of their Timeline series. I really love what Sean Oliver and the Kayfabe staff has been doing in the last few years, and I am starting to see how they are trying to build two different fan-bases in my opinion. The YouShoot series is a more comical at times, fan oriented series which gives us the power to ask the question, and really caters to wrestling boards and blogs who love to fuck with the stars, and try and get under their skin or think we know more than they do. That caters to the younger fans, who love to post any kind of shit online, while Timeline seems to speak to the old school fans. The Timeline is a more serious look at the history of a company from someone who was there at that period and had an impact. Sean Oliver takes a year like in this shoot we are in 1989, and then takes a territory or company which in this shoot it is WWF, and gives us a star who at that time was a top draw or top behind the scenes or manager, which in this case is Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. We go month to month in this year and name a major event that happened in the month and have Brutus tell us his take on this event, or share with us more things about this month.

I will be honest, going into this shoot I was not expecting much because I know in the past Brutus was always one of those who never came across well in interviews, but the man on this interview really shined. Brutus understandably never really takes shots at anyone who has a bearing on a future income for him, but he does not mind shelling dirt on some of the guys. He really speaks openly about Hulk Hogan and how long he has known him and shares the early day stories like some of the payoffs Hogan got for super-cards like Wrestlemania 1. Other wrestlers he speaks openly about are the Ultimate Warrior, Ted Dibiase, Andre the Giant and etc. He shares a few stories about Macho Man, that some we may have heard before but others I found really shined a light on Macho that made me wish we would have had a shoot interview from him. A Macho Man shoot interview with all the Liz stories that have circulated would have been major. Better yet, an Elizabeth shoot interview where she discusses those years.

Also shared in this shoot is how the gimmick of the Barber first was given to him, which he goes in depth about and then how people felt about knowing they had to wrestle him and get their hair cut after. He also shares a WCW story that involves DDP that shines a light on why he has nothing good to say about the man. All in all, Brutus had fun and it showed on this and did not shy away from dishing dirt on people and really made a few jabs at Pat Patterson and talked about the Canadians and how they all seemed to stick together. I really think that old school wrestling fans will have fun with this month by month over two hour affair, and it may educate a few of the new school fans as well.

8 out of 10