Wrestlemania 29 Preview and Predictions-James Picks


So this is Wrestlemania 2013? I want to ask you fans, does this feel like the best card they can come up with? TNA, instead of running that card on the 11th on Spike, you should have thrown it on Sunday night and give the fans an alternative, trust me this is the night that trick would have worked the best. The 3 hour Raw show is getting so old, they do not have enough to carry a show 3 hours, and then give us what another 3.5 hours for the rest of the week. Just think if you order WM this weekend and watched all the WWE programming that is like 11 hours. They do not have the talent to keep us interested in that many hours. TNA has a solid card built up for the 11th, god what idiots not to throw it on this Sunday night and just go for it. Trust me after the Punk ending on Raw, I do not know many people who are happy with WWE right now. And before anyone tells me well in the attitude era they were worst with what they did to Stephanie and the higher power angle, I will say right now that Stephanie is above ground to approve of the angle and not dead with her kids watching their loved one being disrespected on a weekly basis. This is how Vince plans on getting back to the attitude era, by mocking dead people and by mocking people who have health issues that plague millions of Americans? Well if anything is tasteful in today’s WWE, you made amends with Owen Hart’s widow why not mock Owen’s death next? You work so hard not to offend G.L.A.A.D but you do not mind mocking dead people? Why not mock race? Oh wait, you do that weekly. On with the show right Vince, enjoy and thanks for reading like always.

1. John Cena vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship.

Last year it was billed as once in a lifetime and felt special, until the actual match happened. It was not a bad match; it just was not the dream match you were expecting. This time out, I am not excited about the match because the mayor of next year’s Wrestlemania host city sort of spoke too soon and announced that not only was New Orleans getting Wrestlemania 30 but that it would be the rubber match between Rock and Cena that will headline it. Is Cena finally going to turn full heel? Will this be the dream match that last year was supposed to be? To be honest, I think Rock’s time in wrestling has come and gone, and this match and feud sadly will continue for another year.

Winner and new Champ-John Cena

2. C.M. Punk vs. The Undertaker.

The build for this match, I have no comment. How the Undertaker stood there and let this take place to disrespect Paul Bearer is beyond me. The match itself, when CM Punk for years has been vocal about never wanting to challenge the streak because that match is a given who wins, and now he is doing it really shows you that WWE really ran out of things to do with the character. I would have loved a Brock Lesnar vs Taker match; I feel that would have so much more believability as a definite threat to the streak. Punk is a great wrestler, but to be the one? In my opinion this match has a hard act to follow, the last 6 streak matches have been very great, and I hope Punk is up to make it 7. Like Cena vs Rock, this is a no brainer.

Winner-The Undertaker 21-0

3. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H in a No Holds Barred match with Triple H’s career on the line.

You notice a trend with the three matches so far? We have seen all of them before and they were ok at best. Summerslam the match between these two was absolutely horrible. I will go one further Brock since he came back after Wrestlemania last year has been a flop, a huge flop. The night he came back and F5’d Cena on his return the whole internet blew up, and everything after that has been horrible. His first match he loses to Cena. How does one come back from that? Oh yeah, he is a deadly force again and is after a part time wrestler HHH. And now a year after he has returned, he has his 3rd match and it is again with HHH? What happened to Brock vs Taker for the streak that is where the money is at? Oh yeah, when your boss has a massive ego and he has to play that Rocky Balboa card and make himself some kind of superhero, this is what you get. If HHH wins or loses, it is bullshit and should never have taken place. HHH thank god he married into the family because look at his career before that, he was a mediocre wrestler who never wrestled a 3 star classic much less 5. I think HHH loses, because he has to get that attention and sympathy and feel like he retired as this icon.

Winner-Brock Lesnar

4. The Shield vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show

I am a huge fan of The Shield, but I am starting to feel like this act is getting a little stale. Though I think they are going to win, but I just wish that they would split them up and get them solo titles. Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan in a long term feud is money. Dean Ambrose vs Ziggler is another money feud. These are two matches that if built up right could fit into a Wrestlemania card and have people excited. This match, I just feel that there is a greater goal and that maybe a heel turn from Orton. It is so long overdue and like Cena, so needed.

Winners-The Shield

5. Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

I have to be right this time, I predicted this three times but I feel this is the night. The match itself is horrible and both wrestlers are so boring and not over. Swagger has some dues to pay for his love of weed and driving drunk. I am just glad the feud is over, I hope it is over.

Winner and new Champ-Dolph Ziggler

6. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho

WWE is very high on Curtis’s Fandango character, and looks to be getting very invested in a long term deal. This one is actually hard to predict, the smart money and all the critics are choosing Jericho. I think that the long term plan makes no sense if Fandango loses his very first match. I have to think that Fandango gets some kind of cheap win.


7. Mark Henry vs. Ryback.

This match makes no sense to me. Is this a dream match? Let’s think about the last few months. The Shield has gotten the best of Ryback on how many occasions? The last PPV they beat Ryback and he walked off mad. So, how does he pay them back after they beat him time after time, he goes onto another feud? Mark Henry since he has come back has picked up where he left off when he left, and that is good news. I feel that Ryback and Henry have title days in their futures, and if Cena is going to be heel, who would be the next face to step up? Ryback more than likely, so I think either this match is going to be a no contest, a disqualification, or Ryback gets a win. I just do not see them letting Henry go over on this back up plan for Cena going heel.

Winner- If someone wins, it will be Ryback but I think it is going to be some disqualification or no contest.

8. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston vs. Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Daniel Bryan is still a part of Team Hell No, seriously this is a dead end gimmick and he is wasting his talent on this. That is all I have to say.

Winner and new Champs-Ziggler and Langston

9. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

2 years ago, the Miz was headlining Wrestlemania and look how the mighty have fallen. This is another one of those questionable things WWE is doing right now. The Miz to me was a great WWE champ and had some very good matches, but since he turned face god has he sucked and just comes across so desperate. Wade Barrett is another wrestler that I feel is so talented and is being wasted. This match if these guys are given enough time will be very good, but how many times have we seen this match?
Winner and Still champ-Wade Barrett

10. Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bella Twins vs. Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls

Antonio Cesaro who I just think is money is being on the pre-show, and this is on the card? I think between this and Diddy playing live that they are giving fans a few bathroom breaks. You know Vince wants to see all the fans get up and dance and have a ball. God, how did this become a wrestlemania match?

Winners- Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls