VHS Review: Night of the Demons 2


Angela is back and ready to party with her sister, Mouse, and class mates. Only this time, Angela is not limited to Hull House thanks to Linnea Quigley’s infamous lipstick. The group is able to leave the Hull House Halloween party but Angela tags along back to the school in the lipstick capsule and unleashes holy terror against the students. The batch of students who remain unharmed chase the possessed back to Hull House in hopes of saving Mouse from Angela.

Like many fellow VHS collectors, there are several VHS covers that out-shined the towering horror selection at our local Mom and Pop video stores. For me, it was Night of the Demons. Those of you who know me and follow my articles and nerd rants already know that the first Night of the Demons is my favorite horror film of all time. What some of you do not know is that the sequel is completely underrated and in some aspects, excels the first. The special effects department doesn’t get enough credit. This is far bloodier than the first with several decapitations, exploding body parts, decent pair of breasts breaking arms, puddles of blood and goo, and a beautiful machete hacking. Then we have Angela transforming into a fucking snake during the climax which didn’t make a lick of sense to me but with those masterful effects, I am not complaining. “Woah, cool!” Was my initial reaction before the, “This doesn’t make any sense” logic waved in.

The only cons; Even though there are several POV shots parallel to those from Evil Dead, it still wasn’t satisfactory so they padded the film with scenes of Angela floating down the corridors in the original Night of the Demons. Kevin Tenney is a master of his craft. He provided the viewers with several innovative shots and angles in the original. I wanted more of this craft in the sequel. The events building up to the party take far too long although we are given shots of bare breasts and a nifty jaw ripping. There are also a few plot holes in the story line. For instance, teenage bodies were found along Hull House but Angela’s body was never found? It’s silly to think she’s the only one out of the possessed batch that remains possessed and haunting Hull House while the other souls had been released. Another silly tidbit, the possessed are now able to come and go as they please. The rules changed significantly. Last, Angela performed a beautifully choreographed number in the first film with a strobe light and Bauhas playing in the back ground. I found her dancing to Morbid Angel in this sequel at the school Halloween party to be unamusing.

Like the first, we are given a group of characters to love and hate. Some are very annoying. Take Z-Boy for instance, I guess he is taking the pig’s place. I actually felt sorry for this actor, Darin Heames. The most action and dialogue he gets in the film is complete gibberish and whales while performing the most bizarre sex scene with the tongue wielding Angela. We want to hate Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhodes) with her holy ruler and “Save a little room for the holy ghost” interruptions but this tough nun helps to kick some major demon ass. That makes her okay in my book and I am a huge fan of Jennifer Rhodes. She was hilarious in Heathers, “Want some pate?” Christine Taylor dished out a lot of work in the 90s with Camp Fire Tales, The Craft, The Brady Bunch Movie, and The Wedding Singer but Night of the Demons helped to put her on the map. Newbies to the trilogy are always surprised to see Ben Stiller’s wife make-out with another girl in a low-budget horror movie. Amelia Kinkade was an incredibly actress. I really want to know why she lost interest in film and started talking to animals instead. Not only was she a talented actress, she was an accomplished dancer. If you’re not buying her brief dance performances in the films, you can check her out in Girls Just Want to Have Fun, as one of the finalists in the dance competition and bad 80s blond hair. Our lead bad girl Zoe Trilling was also in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The only other cast member I am slightly familiar with is the geek, Robert Jayne. Sadly, I only remember him as one of Seth Green’s home boys in Can’t Hardly Wait.


There’s never a dull moment, complete with an abundance of T&A. There’s a lesbian, demonic possession transferring scene like in the first. The demonic lip stick practically rapes our leading bad girl. The pros outweigh the few cons and keep this a successful and entertaining sequel. If you’re looking for a fun batch of films to marathon during your own Halloween party, I’d include Night of the Demons 2 in your list, directly after the original. Stray from the third installment and the remake. It’s not worth your time unless you are given party favors to enhance the experience.