TV Review-True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season


Review-On May 21st True Blood hits home video with the 5th season, which to fans like me was a better season than 4. In the last few years whether you like it or not, Showtime and HBO’s original series have really been home runs. Homeland, Dexter, Game of Thrones and True Blood to me lead the pack. True Blood once was seen as this show that was trying to cash in on the then-vampire craze, but in the last few years has really come into its own as an incredible show that each week has you glued to the screen, well expect for Season 4 which I felt was the weakest season. True Blood seems to have one issue and that once was so many characters that we have watched as season to season past either become a part of being written off or not part of the new locale. Season 5 seems to want to test the audience for the next season, would they benefit more with a smaller cast. The finale of this season seems to make us feel like yes, but I for one am not happy with how most of the characters have left. This season seemed to dwell a lot over Russell’s obsession over fairy blood and what it can do, but the quick ending to the story really hurt a lot. I think season 6 needs to show us more about what fairy blood can do to vampires. I mean we all know it can shield off an attack of fairy power, but that will not kill a vampire. They all seem to go on thru the season with how good Sookie smells to them, but not really going more into what the power of her blood can do. What this season did do right was focus more on the characters and let them shine as we learn more about this Vampire Authority.

I know the diehard fans of the first two seasons are not happy about this “maturing” of the show, but I feel that the show is starting to look ahead more than ever, and is trying to keep fans interested in this less is more way of storytelling, where we do not get the whole picture but enough to keep us interested. It is like a puzzle, each episode we seem to get a piece. The finale this time reached an all-time high with the all-out onslaught of the Vampire Authority, and creating a cliffhanger that fans are talking and excited about this show and the future. While the show still has its flaws, it is hard not to be a fan of the exciting direction the show seems to be taking and what is coming from the producers and writers. The bad news about the future is that Alan Ball is no longer involved, and what his absence means for the show. I am still waiting to see who Warlow is and see what happens to keep the fans happy, HBO should be so proud that this show has really continued and became such a legacy to fans like me. This show is the definition of what can’t miss television is all about.

8.5 out of 10