TV Review-Dexter:The Seventh Season


Review-Season 6 left us on such a huge cliffhanger, you had Dexter who just got thru killing Travis Marshall and being caught in the act by his sister Debra Morgan. For the diehard fans like me, we knew that was going to be quite the undertaking on how to follow that up. The 7th season of Dexter which hits Blu Ray and DVD on the 14th of May was if anything else the most uneven season yet. While it was not the worst season, and hardly the best season, it just felt that they put the Debra shadow in the forefront if not for any other reason but for each episode to go in circles and take us away from what we watch Dexter for. This season seemed to lose its character building and suspense in favor of trying to keep the viewer guessing each episode what was next and that hurt this season so bad. Last season had so many promising hints like a new enemy called The Collector who fans like me were almost stoked about having two different types of threats working for the same Miami Law Department. That was quickly thrown in the background and then wiped away without really creating more than a momentary ripple in the water. The previous seasons where they built up the threats weekly and had Dexter feeling defeated or trying to stop them, this season it just seemed that all the threats to Dexter and his secret came and left without no real threats.

This season also introduced us to several new characters who were around for a few episodes but really did not have real character build up. Then, we were introduced to a new love interest for Dexter who seemed to be his dark passenger equal but she was nothing more than a side show of just going with the flow and not really given anything to work with to separate her from all the others in Dexter’s past. The storytelling this season just felt like they were always in a mad rush to fill up space more than build any cohesiveness to keep us engaged. I mean when the people behind the scenes tell you at the end of the last season that this time around a main character will die and change the story up, you expect it a lot sooner and it happened at the very end of the season and again leaves us where we left out at the end of Season 6. Now again, the people behind the scenes are telling us again that this coming up is the last season of Dexter and that the ending will be final and will be the way Dexter fans have been wanting it to end. Which basically means that Dexter will die violently in front of Harrison, and then Harrison is going to follow in Dexter’s shoes; I mean how else can it all end?

I am happy the dark passenger Hannah McKay is coming back to this season, because with her now on the run you just know she is going to be a part of what happens to Dexter this time around, as she is out to stop Debra Morgan. But, Harrison who already had to deal with his mom dying in a bathtub while he cried in her blood, should be such a bigger part of this upcoming season just to get things moving in place for a spin off show that will have Dexter playing the role of the voice inside of his head trying to keep the family name going. All in all, this 7th season of Dexter if you own all the rest, you have to buy it. If you never seen Dexter or this season yet, I am sorry for the spoiler filled review and you should seek it out. I am sad to know the show is heavily rumored again to be ending, but maybe it needs to end after such a letdown season like this.

7 out of 10