Music Review-Tribulation- The Formulas of Death


Review-Tribulation sure does have a lot of hype going on about this cd. This cd seems to be the talk right now in all the metal magazines and blogs as that “epic” cd. Tribulation’s last cd The Horror I felt was a solid record that really was so thrashy mixed with that Swedish death metal sound that made me really think that there is no way they can possibly improve on this sound and style. Well, Tribulation’s latest does not so much improve on this, but they sort of went for broke with this record. The first noticeable change was that this is long, almost 75 minutes long and for a death metal cd that is asking quite a lot from your fans to stick with you that long. The last record was only less than 45, and I felt that was perfect. The length is definitely signs of an evolution in this band’s sound and that they are more open for experimentation in the songs. The experimentation is pretty hardcore, you have elements of psychedelic and slowed down progressive breakdowns, that feel so out of place. Vagina Dentata which opens this cd is a very radical departure than their fans may be ready for, it favors more of a 60’s vibe, and they keep the pace so slow and melodic that you almost can hear the sellout chants as the song goes on. The song writing on this record is solid, and they showcase throughout that they do not want to change with the times, they just want to evolve and feel they need to be a more complete band or find mainstream acceptance. I just feel that fans of Tribulation are not ready for this record and in no way can respect it, or support it. It is just such a drastic change that what made me a fan of the sound and band has disappeared and in its place is this almost alternative progressive band that seems more inspired by Peter Gabriel era Genesis or Yes, then metal. This cd depends more on atmosphere and where you are at while listening, then you getting ready to headbang. This is just too much to ask for from a metal fan to endure. The cd is hauntingly dark and very good for what it is, I am just not sure how many fans are patient enough to listen to it all the way thru to see what it is about. As a whole I am on the fence about how I felt about this cd. This is one of those, the more you listen the more you will get into it affairs. As a whole, the songs while a little too long for my taste for this genre of music, the musicianship was solid enough and the vocals were very well done. God, how this band sold out. This is what the hype these days is all about?

5 out of 10