Music Review-Saratan- Martya Xwar


01. Taj-e Sahra 01:34
02. Mastema 04:37
03. Verminous Disease 04:15
04. Ba’al Zevuv 04:53
05. Silent Sound Of Mourning 07:19
06. The Sacred Path Of Martya Xwar 05:10
07. God That Disappears 03:52
08. Asmodea 05:17


Jarek Niemiec – bass, vocal
Adam Augustyński – guitars
Michał Stefański – drums

Review-This is the 3rd release from the Polish answer to Machine Head with elements of Fear Factory and Prong. And I will say right now, I really think this is their best release to date. Jarek seems this time around to be adding more of an industrial element to his already powerful thrash metal vocals. Mastema is the perfect track for all you Max Calavera Sepultura fans who are waiting for the reunion and added to that is a background sound that sounds like Beg To Differ inspired Prong, and this could be seen as what Nailbomb should have been. With the female vocals welcoming us into the song, and then the all-out assault this song is the perfect song to get new fans onboard with what this band is all about. Verminous Disease the next track just continues the assault and really has such a powerful groove and furious pissed off feel that you just feel that this band knows that they have something to prove and ready to take it on full speed. It is heavy enough to get metal fans on board and catchy enough that you will be inspired to listen to it more than once. This cd is more experimental than the last two releases combined like they are opening the door for going further into this exploration with future releases. One of the biggest changes is that not everything on this record is heavy and in your face metal, it slows down towards the middle and has some very odd breakdowns that you may not expect. I think this expansion on the sound is more of trying to get more longevity out of the band and seeing if fans will be open to the changes. This cd borders on industrial, metal and also goes into almost a weird instrumentation stage that could get fans thinking a Prog influence as well. The message of this cd is dismal and depressing, but the instruments and vocals are catchy and will lure you into this world. All in all, this is a good cd that I feel with repeated listens could be a better cd. This band wanted to challenge the fans, I feel they did that.

8 out of 10