Music Review-Rob Zombie -Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor


Review-To me a band like White Zombie have maybe a 5 year career and then after that you just know everything else they release or do will just be pale in comparison to what they did to make you a fan, or insult you so much you are no longer into them. Rob Zombie decided that he was the star of the show and why have so many equals sharing his pie, just hire a bunch of studio musicians to play the roles of his former band mates and pay them way less. To say this is a better Zombie record than the last few records is more negative than positive, because to me since Astro Creep, everything that has come out of the Zombie stew has been crap. Rock and Roll(in a Black Hole) is a catchy little song that seems to borrow elements of old school White Zombie and a drum beat that is inspired by Joe Jackson. I will be honest about this, the lyrics on this cd are borderline horrible and just childish, and he is relying more on the backup guitar of John 5 and his riffs to hide those negatives. Lucifer Rising is Zombie trying to recapture old school fan favorite riffs and energy from the More Human and Electric Head Part 2 style and feel. Rob Zombie totally destroys the Grand Funk song We’re an American Band, it is just awful. Though, John 5 again shines on this song. I give Zombie kudos because he does try to break out the shadows and what people expect from him and add more elements to this cd, but god are the lyrics on this cd so lazy and just sound like Spider wrote them, and wanted this to be the next Powerman cd. Make no mistake about it; John 5 is the true star of this cd. The opening track Teenage Nosferatu Pussy is such a slow build song that you know that will be how they start the live set. This cd is the best solo record Rob has done which again is not saying much; to me this act should have stopped back in 1996. How this man has a career in both music and film is beyond me, I guess people still buy into generic fluff. If you are a Rob Zombie fan then you already own this record and are driving around in your mom Volvo playing it thru every school zone trying to look hip, if you are not a Zombie fan or fell off the bandwagon years ago, stay off. If John 5 did not do guitar on this cd, it would have been so much worst, the man can really make something from nothing.

5 out of 10