Music Review-Nightbitch-Chainmaker EP.


1. Chainmaker
2. Disrober
3. Into the Fire

Review-Fearshop Mike most recently got quoted on this band’s press release, and when the man is praising something I know it is something that has my interest. The weird thing I was supposed to review this ep. Saturday but I cannot seem to stop listening to it long enough to type up the review. This is my first taste of this band, and I will be honest this is not my last. This band sounds like a psychedelic Danzig meets COC. I will say this, if anything else this band is so damn catchy that I will quote my friend Mike, “ Once you listen to this cd, you have to listen again and again”. This band sounds like the perfect band to open up for Black Sabbath in their heyday. My biggest gripe is this is only 3 songs, god it seems when the party is getting going, it ends just as fast. The opening track Chainmaker is catchy and has some really cool riffs and a cool little groove to it that you cannot just sit there and listen. It has a retro feel with some very modern sounding rock in the background that really is the perfect balance of old school meets today. The next track is called Disrober; it has such a sick guitar sound to it that I found myself really wondering what direction the song was heading towards. This song if you did not know better you would swear it was Danzig fronting Down. The final song is a Deep Purple cover from their most underrated cd Deep Purple in Rock called Into the Fire. I will say it is an interesting cover song, and really a good nod to the original. It was a very odd way to close the album, but I feel that was the reason to end it this way, so you can listen to it again and again and really get into this band and their sound. This is a band that is going to win over many non-fans. This ep. is a must listen and I feel if you are a music fan, you will respect what this band has to offer.

8 out of 10