Music Review-Killing Joke-The Singles Collection 1979-2012


Track Listing:
1) Nervous System / Turn To Red
2) War Dance / Pssyche
3) Requiem / Change
4) Follow The Leaders / Tension
5) Empire Song / Brilliant
6) Chop-Chop / Good Samaritan
7) Birds of A Feather / Flock The BSide
8) Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances) / Dominator
9) Me Or You? / Wilful Days
10) Eighties / Eighties (Coming Mix)
11) A New Day / Dance Day
12) Love Like Blood / Blue Feather (Version)
13) Kings And Queens / The Madding Crowd (Remixed By Killing Joke)
14) Adorations / Exile
15) Sanity / Goodbye To The Village
16) America / Jihad
17) My Love Of This Land / Darkness Before Dawn
18) The Beautiful Dead
19) Money Is Not Our God / North Of the Border
20) Exorcism (Live In King’s Chamber Cairo, Aug 1993 Mix) / Whiteout (The Intellect Is Ugly Remix) (Mandragora Edit
21) Millennium (Cybersank Edit) / Millennium (Cybersank Extended Remix)
22) Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit) / Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Remix)
23) Jana / Jana (Dragonfly Mix)
24) Democracy (Album Mix) / Mass
25) Loose Cannon / Wardance (ultimate version)
26) Seeing Red (edit) / Seeing Red (Jagz Kooner Remix w/vox)
27) Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (Radio Edit) / Afterburner (Alternative Version)
28) In Excelsis / Kali Yuga
29) European Super State (edit) / European Super State (Youth Remix)
30) Fresh Fever
31) Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove / Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Dub)
32) In Cythera (Edit) / Penny Drops
33) Corporate Elect / New Uprising / In Cythera (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

1) ‘Transient Place’ From ‘Freispiel: The Soundtrack’.
2) ‘Zennon’ B-side of ‘Loose Cannon’ single.
3) ‘Drug’ From the ‘Mortal Kombat’ soundtrack.
4) ‘Hollywood Babylon’ (longer intro mix) From the ‘Showgirls’ soundtrack.
5) ‘Our Last Goodbye’ From the ‘Free The Memphis 3’ album.
6) ‘Sixth +Sun’ Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
7) ‘Wardance’ (Naval Mix).
8) ‘Requiem’ (Acapella Mix).
9) ‘Pandemonium’ (Aotearoa Mix) Full-length.
10) ‘Four Stations Of The Sun’ Studio version
11) ‘Feast Of Fools’ (rough mix) Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
12) ‘iBuy’ – with Tim Burgess. Track for Classic Rock collaborations CD.
13) ‘Timewave’ (rough mix) Unreleased track from the ‘Absolute Dissent’ sessions.
14) Jaz & Youth Shamanic Ritual Live in the King’s Chamber Giza Pyramid (Pre-recording vocals for 3.Pandemonium).
15) ‘Ravings of Jaz’ (A conversation on philosophy between Youth & Jaz circa 2003).
16) ‘Intellect’ (feat. Aboud Abdel Al) Track from ‘Democracy’ (previously unreleased version featuring this celebrated violin player).

Review-Last year, I reviewed the so called “comeback” record for Killing Joke and I felt as I listened that this band is still over 30 years into their career putting out amazing records. This is their thank you to all of us, who have faithfully stuck by them thru the years. I will be honest, I felt so old listening to this cd because I still remember hearing most of these songs for the first time so many years ago. This band has influenced a who’s who in music no matter what genre, and in the UK once the kings of the singles chart. For new fans who have never experienced Killing Joke, this record and MMXII are both must own cds. My only negative to this is that they did not send me the vinyl to this. (hint hint) This is to me a cd that I will have in my now listening to posts for at least a few months. God, this makes me want to break out the Killing Joke cds and just experience them all again. What a great band who never got their just due, and if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had any fucking common sense this band would have a hall by themselves. Criminally underrated and very amazing that they are still putting out career defining music long after their legacy has been stamped. New cd coming out in Summer 2013.

10 out of 10

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