Music Review: Intöxicated | Rock N Roll Hell Patrol

Music Review: Intöxicated

CD: Rock N Roll Hell Patrol

Label: Hells Headbangers

Available: May 14, 2013


Rock N Roll Hell PatrolIf you have ever wondered what Venom would sound like if they sang more about drinking, wild women and rock and roll added to the satanic lyrics then you would have Intöxicated.  Intöxicated is a band that’s dirty, rusty and filthy.  After listening to them you will probably feel the need to take a shower.

Their album, ‘Rock N Roll Hellpatrol’ is nothing short of a glorious, filthy ride down the road of heavy metal debauchery and sin that will leave you sick the next morning and needing a shot of penicillin from the doctor to clean up any disease from the $5 hooker you may or may not have stuck your dick in the night before.  The sound here is raw, it’s dirty, it’s in your face and it is heavy metal at its core.   The production is typical of what you would find on the early Venom albums such as ‘Welcome to Hell’ and ‘Black Metal’ but a little bit better…but not by much.  Löuie, the vocalist, is a cross between Lemmy and Cronos and give the already dirty music a more dirty sound.  The band’s cover of Motorhead’s ‘The Chase is Better Than the Catch’ is excellent and suits Löuie’s vocals well.

The rest of the band are talented all way round even though I feel they try to make it sound as if they are not, due to the production sound,  to give themselves a more of a ‘We don’t give a fuck.’ attitude.  The lead guitar work here is well done in the songs despite the aforementioned production attempts.

If you are looking for a dirty lesson in rock and roll that will rot your dick off, Intöxicated’s ‘Rock N Roll Hell Patrol will suit your needs.  Just be warned, you may have a walk of shame in the morning and have to take a scalding hot shower to make yourself feel clean again.


RATING: 3.25/5


Löuie – Vokills 
El Ranch̦ РGuitar
ÄC – Drums
Jackhammer – Bass


Sex Drinks Satan

Metal Porno Slut

Lock Up Your Daughters

Suffering For Love

Rock N Roll Hellpatrol

Crush Your Local Disco

Slutanic Speedmetal

Break Your Limits

The Chase Is Better Than The Catch