Music Review: Freedoms Reign

Music Review: Freedoms Reign

CD: Self Titled

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Available: April 30th, 2013


Freedoms Reign

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Fates Warning original guitarist Victor Arduini is back with his band Freedoms Reign to deliver to us some fresh kicks in the face old school metal style but also giving us a contemporary feel to the music we hear.

‘Freedoms Reign’ starts off strong with the track ‘Ritual’ featuring brutal, crunching guitars and a catch fast paced.  Up next is ‘Shadows of a Doubt’ which is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  Again this track features great guitar work, aggressive tempo and a highlight on the album.  One of the other standout tracks for me on the album is ‘No Excuses’.  Great guitar intro and one hell of main riff.

This is what you will find throughout Freedoms Reign debut album, great guitar work and catchy songs from a musical stand point.  There were few songs in the middle of the album that left me little on the ‘Eh’ side of things.  I think this is mostly due to the more contemporary sounding side of the music and trying to sound a little too prog rock for my tastes.  On a downside however I found the vocalist a bit lacking.  To me he seemed a bit flat in his singing and it even sounds like they may have added some effects on his voice to try and mask this shortcoming or just to try and make him sound ‘different’.  Either way it still didn’t elevate him as a singer much.

Despite my lack of love for the vocals I still found Freedoms Reign one hell of a ride.  It sounds great, its fast, and it’s fun.  If you are a fan of old Fates Warning or looking to hear something from a veteran musician that can also rock it out even by today’s standards grab this CD, crank this shit up and get on a bike or climb in your car and rock the fuck out.

RATING: 3.75/5