Music Review-Extinction Protocol-Aeonic Obliteration


Coming May 14th

1. The Merging Of Titans
2. As Life Turns To Ash
3. Engineering The Nemesis
4. Pyroclastic Reformation
5. Chained To Oblivion
6. Heir To An Apocalypse
7. Malignant Existence
8. Arrival Of The Black Sun
9. Unraveling The Human Aether

Review-What a monster, this cd is loud, angry, and just a death metal fan’s wet dream. This cd does not try to reinvent the wheel or genre in this case, but it sure as hell makes the genre a little more exciting. This is the debut record from a band that has been on the scene since 2010, the sound is death metal old school style with the grooves and breakdowns of today. The Merging of Titans comes across as the song Chris Barnes has been trying to get out of Six Feet Under, while As Life Turns to Ash sounds like why fans death metal fans stick around with this genre, for songs that really get us pumped up about what is coming out of the underground. This song has some of the fuckest riffs. This is the one thing that this band does best; they really make all the members of this band shine on each song. The riffs all over this cd are just amazing, with that growl and almost pig squeal vocal delivery. This cd feels like a slow burn horror film, each song is built to the breakdown that just gets the song going into this chaotic squeal, drums from hell and riff machine that just is so amazing. This is the part where I am supposed to mention what I did not like about this cd, but I was really blown away by how this band really delivered on each track. Each song is just a journey of its own and will really get you banging your head and just turning up the volume and just listening to the sound of why death metal will never die. This record is one bad mother fucker, brutal and intense from start to end. This record if there is any justice will put this band on the map. This is a must listen.

9 out of 10