Music Review-Ex Deo-Caligvla


“Caligvla” track listing:

1. I, Caligvla
2. The Tiberius Cliff (Exile To Capri)
3. Per Oculus Aquila
4. Divide Et Impera
5. Pollice Verso (Damnatio Ad Bestia)
6. Burned To Serve As Nocturnal Light
7. Teutoberg (Ambush Of Varus)
8. Along The Appian Way
9. Once Were Romans
10. Evocatio The Temple Of Castor & Pollux

Review-The follow up to 2009’s Romulus is an amazing record. This record is the true definition of what a true “epic” cd is. I know the first two sentences of this review are quite the statement, but trust me the second you hit play on this cd, you are going to agree with each word of it. If this cd was released when I first got into metal back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, god I would have loved to see what impact it would have on today’s scene. This is one of those records that fans need, and the industry needs to promote, a litmus paper that shows us metal still can get fans excited and make jaws drop in happiness that music is still exciting. This concept record takes its brand of symphonic metal in a very exciting realm that few bands in this genre are able to. I love when metal fans make metal records, because they basically go into the making of a record as a fan and work with what made them fans.

This band took what I liked about Romulus and really expanded on it, the songwriting while it has not strayed too far, the musicianship though has and it has gotten very impressive, almost too impressive. This is one of those cds that is both a blessing and a curse, because we are going to go all insane about this but how in the fuck can they follow this up? The bar is now set way too high. This cd does not make a statement, it makes a change in the direction of where music should be heading. There is just no way a metal fan will not sit back and let this story get their attention, and then let the music pulverize them. This is like a history lesson with a beat-down during. This cd has some surprises like Divide Et Impera which boasts guest vocalist Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania). And also Septic Flesh Seth Siro Anton makes an appearance as well on Pollice Verso (Damnatio Ad Bestia). This cd is massive, impressive and very hard to deny how awesome it is. This is a must own for all metal fans.

9.5 out of 10