Music Review-Echtra- Sky Burial


Review-Echtra’s third release gives fans the same atmospheric black metal mixed with folk that we are used to, new fans who seek out something interesting and fresh, keep on reading. The cd is two tracks long and before you scream that this is not a full length cd, both tracks are around 23 minutes long. The songs are basically Sky Burial I and II, which rumored is the first installment of a planned trilogy of records. According to the press release the concept is an exploration of our mortal coil. This musical journey feels like it is speaking louder than the past releases to us that we are heading towards our own demise by our own hands. Last year ex Cop Shoot Cop keyboardist created this masterpiece of instrumentation that I felt is not for the easily distracted, it was a deep journey into places that maybe some of us hate to go but need to be going to. This record is another masterpiece like what Echtra has done in the past. As a lot of people know this is a solo project, everything on this cd is played by just one person. Though, the live stuff you see on YouTube among other places shows that other musicians helps Echtra out live. Like the definition of the word Echtra, this cd is a jaw dropping adventure. One minute you are being sucked into this realm of some other planet and the next you are being firmly rooted in reality. This cd is like a transformation, like moving one musical state to another without skipping a beat. Sky Burial one is more delicate and often thought provoking in its atmospheric journey, II is more of an aggressive, spoken word at times haunting bleaker tour almost to an eternity of painful memories and just total depression. The music throughout this cd is very cinematic and feels very compelling, once you hit the play button you will not want to leave this journey.

8.5 out of 10