Movie Review-Wicked Deeds


Review-The latest film from the mad genius behind the Ultimate Death Match series, does not stray too far from what we are used to from Shawn Cain. This film had a running time of a tad over 3 hours and yes I said three hours that is almost the length of the three UDM films combined. And you get the death match fights from the last two films in this film. This film starts off with Roddy Piper talking on a stage, and before you start to think this is another Shawn Cain wrestling film, Shawn does go outside of the wrestling perimeter for a story about corruption, sex and a lot of characters who are not what they seem on the surface. I get the feeling watching this film that this is not the final product, but if it is I will be honest the 3 hours was fun. Gina Lynn and Lisa Cash really deliver a performance that is jaw dropping, and yes they rely heavily on the sexuality and soft core porn to showcase their range more than dialogue, but when you add women who are not ashamed of getting a little sleazy with pro wrestlers who overact and really lay down the cheese hard, what is not to love about this film.

I am not going to tell you this is a masterpiece because it is very uneven and often confusing, but this delivered so many fun moments that in the end I really enjoyed it and was glad that I got to see it. The wrestlers who dominate maybe an hour and twenty minutes of this film really deliver and will make you want to seek out the Ultimate Death Match series, but if you seen the UDM films you seen most of this. I just wish the wrestlers had more original stuff in this film, well beside Piper, Piper really had some fun on this one. Gina Lynn basically plays a slutty girl who sleeps with guys for her husband and his gain. We often are unsure of what side of the fence she is on, is she really in love with the husband or could it be one of the other guys she has been playing around with and that the reality her husband is being played? This film is like an indie wrestling version of Traffic. So many stories and plot twists, so many characters and situations, and to really go 3 hours and still be entertaining was a welcome shock. Shawn Cain gets it, and he does not mind who jumps on his bandwagon and who does not get him, he just keeps on making the films he wants to make, how can you not get into a director like that? I think wrestling right now needs more minds like Shawn in creative, and less of the ones they currently use. All in all, this was a great time and I would recommend this to all of you who may not be familiar with who Shawn Cain is. You are the ones who would dig the wrestling stuff more than people who may be familiar with him, but you guys have a lot in this film as well that will keep you happy and interested.

8 out of 10