Movie Review-Wasted on the Young


Review-Wasted on the Young is quite the film. With all the tragedies our society has been thru in the last few years, this film almost paints a picture that may be a little too real and harsh for some viewers. People watch school shootings, bombings and just bad acts of hate and ask themselves what could have possessed someone to do that, or some people to act out that way. This film may help answer that question. One thing is for sure whether you are the audience this film seeks out or not, it will deliver a message to you that you will remember and will stick with you long after you turn off the television. The film centers around two types of groups in a very high class private school, the elite who have the world at their fingers and can get away with murder, and the second are the victims that are innocent and want to stop this from continuing. The message this film sets out to ask the viewer is that if you witness an act happening and do not react, you are just as responsible for that act. Two step brothers Darren and Zack the film revolves around. Zach is that elitist student that can get away with anything and is a hero in everyone’s eyes because he throws these expensive parties all the time. And Darren is his brother who is a shy outcast who has identity and confidence issues. Well enter a beautiful little girl named Xandrie, she has a huge crush on Darren but he is too blind to notice, but Zack has a crush on her. Well, at a party where she wants to hang out with Darren, her drink gets drugged and she is raped by Zack and his friends. Well Darren watches a tape the next day and realizes what happened and goes looking for her, only to find out later that she was dumped like trash in the middle of nowhere. Well, Xandrie comes back to school and now she is the subject of ridicule and abuse because Zack lied to all the students.

In this day and time this film will hit people like bricks and I feel the message of this film is so real and harsh that people may be turned off by it. I for one thought this film was that once in a lifetime film that you just know is going to be discovered and either people are going to passionately praise this film or be so passionate about how this film glorifies violence and trying to put a face on the times we live in. I think this film walks a delicate balance of offensive and message that at times seems to be heavily blurred but still is so fucking powerful that I could not look away. This is the first film in a while that I did not want to end. This film can be seen as a youthful descent into madness, and the peer pressure that kids deal with these days that make our kids martyrs and also victimizers. The characters in this film were well written and wonderfully acted, the script was cold and brutal, and this film started off depressing and to its credit stayed. There are no rainbows in this film or happily ever after, this film is true and honest and such a fresh breath of air. The last film I felt this way about was similar and called Boy A which also is such a must see. The mood and camera work on this film is haunting and beautiful at the same time. This film uses social media to show us that how while evolution has evolved that hatred and people’s ignorance is still where it was since day one. This is not a must see film, this is the film of 2013. What a powerful punch this film packs, this is the film that people will be talking about whether in full debate mode or praise mode once they witness it.

10 out of 10