Movie Review-The Wicked


Review-The Wicked is one of those brain dead very low budget indie horror films that depending on how cheesy and bad you like your films is the meter as to if this film is for you. I will be honest, I was so ready to trash this film and go off on it, but the funny thing as cheese filled as it is, and as bad as the acting was, this film started to grow on me as it went on and I actually found myself enjoying it. The Wicked is basically your typical bunch of teens that go into the woods to test a myth or legend of an immortal witch. You know by the cover of the film, and the trailer that they find out the myth is true. This film opens up with a little girl who tells her mom that she is scared, mom looks concerned and the daughter says that The Wicked is coming to get her, which is the name they gave the witch. As the little girl tells her mom, they went to The Wicked’s house which is in the middle of the woods and they busted out one of her windows, which according to myth when you do that, the witch comes after you and eats all the children. This film goes right from the witch abducting the little girl to a funeral, with a bunch of annoying teenagers who as the film goes on it seems like an episode of some MTV reality show with a Hot Topic fashion sense. Case in point there is a scene in the film where the camera is more pre-occupied with their shoes than anything else.

This film is basically bad cheesy cinema at its fun center. There is a scene where the witch kidnaps one of them and he has an apple in his mouth, she then knocks the apple out of his mouth, but in the next scene that apple is still there. And I will not even comment about the kill scene that you could see the boom operator having to lower himself out of the shot. But, to me that led to the fun of the film. This is in no means a horror classic or even a great film, but it is so bad that you will have a good time getting into the film. The scene where the cops who look like they were inspired by Superbad harass the two teens who are following the teens to the house and it is just so damn stupid that I laughed my ass off on the dialogue. The actual scenes with the witch were not as bad as they could have been, they were in no way good but they were a lot better than bigger budget films. The actors in this film had to know how bad the script and dialogue were, so they just had fun and hammed it up and it worked. The kills in this film were very few and far between, this film was more like a running around trying to stop a witch more than a bloodbath. The story is an eye rolling, how much can you take affair that I felt kept my attention and it did have a few beautiful young actresses who are going to be names sooner than later. I am not sure why I liked this film, but the fact is that it entertained me somewhat more than I expected. I feel that some people may dig this film more than other, but if you close your brain off, do not take this film serious and just sit back, you may have fun with the badness of this film.

7 out of 10