Movie Review-The Sorcerer and the White Snake


Review-Jet Li I put in the same category as Chow Yun Fat, he made some very awesome films then he wanted to go Hollywood and after that he suffered, and his career since has been all about trying to get back to where he was prior to wanting to try and be a smash in America. The latest film by Li finds him playing a monk named Abbot Fahai. He has the power of some kind of sorcery and has a protégé named Neng who hunt demons with the intent on capturing them so the demons can change and be better people and return to normal. As the story goes on we meet a 1000 year old white snake named Sasu who in her human state falls in love with a guy named Xu, and Fahai finds himself involved in this forbidden relationship between a demon and a man. We are to assume that he is out for his beliefs and is trying to benefit all of us, but we are never really sure. This film resembles the last film I seen from Li which was called Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, it is so special effects heavy, which leads to some of the better scenes in the film but also leads to a lot of the negatives as well about this film. This film has a beautifully shot sense with all the scenery and the breathtaking shots, that I felt the special effect overload sort of hurt the beauty of this film.

This film in high definition is a must; it is so beautiful and will make you marvel at all the colors and views. That is the biggest plus to this film; it is beautiful to look at. The special effects in this film at times come across as cheaply done and very laughable. To me the biggest shock of this film is the acting and script, this has to be some of Jet Li’s best acting in a while. Fahai is the role that Jet Li has made a career out of, and I am glad to see him still delivering shades of what we once loved about him. Another negative though, is that while the storytelling is well acted, it does feel shallow. We do not get too much depth into any character to really get behind them or invest feelings in them. Not even the main characters. It just seems that they wanted to put them on the back burner in favor of trying to squeeze as much special effects and actors hopping around in the air constantly as a way to say they are giving us some kind of depth. Despite all the positives and negatives, in the end this felt like just another mediocre Jet Li film with good acting. I would say I wish for more, but I feel if they gave us more they would have just gave us more special effects as well, and then I would have wished for more again.

4.5 out of 10