Movie Review-The Assassin’s Blade


Review-I remember a long time back seeing Tokyo Raiders and thinking that both actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai and director Jingle Ma were going to be the next big things. Tony has made some very good films since, but Jingle is a different story. His film while they all are great to look at, they seem to have nothing to keep you caring after you get sick of looking at it. Charlene Choi stars in this as Zhu is way too beautiful to be trying to be pretending to be a guy. She is the daughter of a wealthy man who sends her into the mountains to learn martial arts with this group. As you can assume at first she fools everyone till she falls her for her trainer Liang. The basic story we all have seen in so many films before and this film seems to know that, and some of the comic element to this film feels so dated and played out. I know the film is a few years old and has been under many other names before this, but it feels even more dated than that.The love story in this feels creepy, as the trainer you know will fall for the girl when it is revealed to him, and that the girl’s family has another marriage for her. You just know how that will play out, and this film does not let you down in predictability. Choi is not a bad actress, and she is remarkably beautiful but god does this film want to test her as an actress to much how much crap she can take.

The acting for the most part of this film is bad, you can tell that Wu Chun is too green and not ready for this kind of film much less a lead role. Playing the lover and trainer was a little too much for him, and it shows he is clearly over his head in this film. This film is so shallow and will leave the viewer so let down, that it is hard to know why the former Butterfly Lovers did not just sit on the shelf. This film wasted the talent of Choi, who clearly did not belong in this film and it also showcased why Ma’s Tokyo Raiders may have been a fluke or that someone else was involved to help Ja out. I am not sure if this film could be called a commercial failure or letdown, because you had to know that Ma really had to be emotioned out after his films Fly me to Polaris and Funeral March. Those films while they were not masterpieces were at least watchable and worthy of a rental, this film is not worthy of anything more than to take up space at the local retail outlet and be forgotten.

2 out of 10