Movie Review-Thale


Review-I remember a time when you said the word horror and you knew that when you watched that film whether it was good or bad, you knew at least it was out to give you a scare and make you want to keep a light on when you go to bed. Today when you use the word horror, there is a small percentage of films that still deliver those traits, but today it is more about trying to conform to either the art crowd or the ones that need the slow story and dialogue and very little fear to be satisfied. Thale seems to be heavily influenced by 50’s sci fi and The Troll Hunter. Now before you get excited I will say right now, it was influenced by not as good as. Thale opens up with two clean up forensic guys named Elvis and Leo who are cleaning a crime scene. When these two guys are trying to finish up a crime scene, they uncover a hidden laboratory and they accidentally uncover a naked woman in a bathtub hooked up to feeding tubes. Well the duo decides to feed and clothe her, and during this time they discover she is a Norwegian creature named a Huldra who was kidnapped and held hostage for years. Underneath her beauty and sweetness facade, is a woman who has deadly powers.

Thale is a very hard watch, because let’s be honest going into this film we are expecting a cool creature film that gives us some kind of fright or solid storytelling that keeps us interested. What we get is a very long winded walk in circles type of film, where it takes so long to really get the ball moving that when they try in the mid-point to get us some kind of action or delivering on the premise of the film, it just feels like it is too late to save it. I get it the director was trying to inject emotion into the film, and so much little comic touches but I just feel that the trailer promised a beautiful frightening creature, and what we get is a female who is treated more like a side note and joke. I think women will not be happy about the message of the film, because in a way it portrays a woman even with power as being weak and needing a man to help her. Thale is such a failed opportunity all the way around, it fails at being funny for the comedy elements, it fails for the sci fi aspect of the creature and it fails as horror, because there really was no scene in this film that would make me assume it is going to scare me. The biggest issue I have with this film is that I think more people will be inspired to create this type of film over the kind that I refer to as horror, and water down this genre more and more where horror will be more like a cruel joke then a genre to take serious.

3 out of 10