Movie Review-State of Emergency


Review-State of Emergency is a different kind of zombie film. Actually to call it a zombie film seems really odd; it plays out more like a survivalist film. So, do not pay too much attention to the cover because it is misleading and you never get anything in this film even close to that promise. But, what you do get is a solid story and some very good indie acting that the mood and atmosphere are the main characters in this film and both supply a fear and tension that will keep you glued to the screen. The film centers around Jim, who as the film opens up we see him holding a gun while a guy named Scott is holding a door then he lets the door go and Jim is about to fire off on someone coming thru the door and we go back to 4 days earlier when this town they live in had a chemical plant explode and a deadly toxin fills the air and infects most of the population. Well as we follow the story of Jim, we learn thru flashbacks he was about to propose to his girlfriend, then the accident happened that infected the town. Jim then was a loner until a group led by Scott sees him and invites him to stay with them in an abandoned warehouse. The zombies in this film resemble the 28 Days Later zombies, but these can talk as well. This film does so much right that you can almost excuse the fact that you get little to no zombie action, because the storytelling and situation keeps you compelled. This is one of those films that you think to yourself, what if this happened?

The film has some plot holes that are never explained, like why did everyone else get infected but Jim and the people in the group remain unaffected? And I hated the last five minutes of this film, no offense to anyone involved with this film but you cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you wanted the film to be dismal and depressing, you cannot end it like that. Of course, you know one of the members will have a medical condition and someone has to go into the infected territory to get medicine. You get some blood moments and some fighting, but nothing gory or over the top. I think of this film as the perfect substitute for people who are waiting for the next season of Walking Dead. This film does feel like a soft episode of the show, with the situations and how they deal with them. I really enjoyed this little small indie zombie film and felt it did not deliver what I expected in terms of zombie goodness, but it delivered what I would not have expected a solid enough story and characters that kept me intrigued and interested enough to not want to turn it off. I feel if this is on the cheap, you may want to put a few bucks into buying it.

8 out of 10