Movie Review-Pig / 1334 Two-Disc Combo: Blu-ray & DVD


Review-I want to start this review off different, a few years ago I went on the Cinema Head Cheese podcast, and we had a discussion about In a Glass Cage, that is a film released by Cult Epics. Jeff and I went on and on about how amazing that film is. Which if you have not seen this film you should make it a point to buy that blu ray, it is well worth whatever price you have to pay. Well, to me since that release Cult Epics seems to have hit a downward spiral, I was not a fan of the last two films after that I have seen from Nico and them. Then, I was reading the CHC page like I always seem to when I am not reviewing, and stumbled upon Rob Sibley going on and on about the latest Cult Epics release. One thing I know for sure, that the CHC guys are always close to or on the money with what I feel about films so I tend to take them very serious when they are praising anything. One thing is for sure these two short films are odd. Pig runs about 22 minutes and 1334 runs about 18 minutes. This is one of those films that depending on how you feel about abstract films, well let’s rephrase this, how you feel about art films, will answer the question if this film is for you. The films are both shot in stunning and beautiful b/w and to tell you what these films are about or trying to give you a plot or storyline is almost like trying to tell you a nightmare on a bad acid trip. I think some people are comparing this experience to Bunny Game, because of the art feel and b/w atmosphere, but I want to say this film is like if Richard Kern gave us his version of Subconscious Cruelty.

Whereas Pig felt like a warning, 1334 felt like the message. I compare 1334 to a very young Richard Kern trying to confuse and get an audience to give their attention and be open to anything whether the norm or out of some sick fucking dream. Pig I felt was more of a shocking for the sake of shock film that may turn some off with its undertones and images, but that is why people like me always turn to Nico and Cult Epics we want something out of the normal and they always deliver. Pig is basically a film about some kind of victim who is held down and being tortured in both fucked up sexual and painful ways. I can only describe the rest of this short like this, if you are easily offended, then you will be offended easily and ready to call this film trash, and if you are not offended and ready for something so unique and odd, you will be the perfect person to watch it. I always think to myself that what kind of sick minds come up with this stuff, but after watching this short and loving it, the new question is what kind of sick person loves this vision? 1334 is the sequel to Pig which starts off re-creating a key scene in part one of a character named Rozz. I was more into 1334 then Pig, because it just felt like a set of scenes that were set into very different feelings that were beautifully shot and wonderfully executed. The films have a back story to them, and also come up with a booklet which was really cool to check out. To watch these films you understand that the films were personal and maybe made in a very dark place of someone’s life and trying to get the story out. Today’s film audience is more in tune with crap like whatever Hollywood tells them is good. I feel that most film watchers are not really sure what entertain them and are brainwashed into liking utter garbage, that when we get films that paint outside the lines and are so unique yet abstract I am always stoked, yet they are confused why it did not give them what they see from 100 other films that are lesser than. I will say right now In a Glass Cage is still a hard act to follow, but Pig/1338 does come really close. This is not a film for entertainment or a horror film to watch dumb teens have no cell phone service and run away from a Hollywood boogeyman. This is a pretty harsh fuck you, a challenge for anyone who is brave enough to tread these waters. Cult Epics you fucking rule again, Nico do not lose my number.

9 out of 10