Movie Review- Not Suitable for Children


Review-Not Suitable for Children falls under the same category as 50/50, it is a comedy on the surface that is meant to give us laughs but it handles a subject that is not so funny under the surface. The film tells the story of Jonah, who is any one of us, he is a young man who never grew up and has an orgy of booze, drugs, and women that make up his life. Along with his housemates, Gus, and Stevie they love the party life. They make their living by throwing these massive parties every weekend in their house. They are young, happy and making a great living until reality catches up to them. Jonah while he is involved in a sexual act discovers a lump. Well, as most men would do he goes to get checked out and finds out he has Testicular Cancer. Jonah’s world comes crashing because now he is faced with his greatest sadness and that he has to have surgery and never being able to father any children after. Well, before he has his surgery he wants to have a child, so he attempts to freeze it cryogenically and when that fails he is out to seek out a woman to help him and father his child. This film is a dramedy that I really enjoyed for the most part. The film is not overly sentimental, but it is just enough where you get the point. The film goes thru so many gears, but I really enjoyed the film when it found its identity and pace, which was when he was in search of the compatible woman.

Make no mistake about it this is all Ryan Kwanten’s film and he does a good and bad job at carrying the load, and even his innocent charm rubs off on some of the characters and makes the film more feel good then tragic. Sarah Snook is a scene stealer, who we will be hearing more from this year in a few more films. But she really has great timing and her character clicks for the most part, trust me we all know a Stevie in our lives for better or worst. With Snook, it is not what she says and does that really makes her work; it is what you assume she thinks and when she just gives us a look that really make you cheer for her future. This film was lighthearted and often funny, while the subject is heavy and serious the film tried to venture away from it, and put it in a comic and light way. The negatives about the film are that at times it felt a bit repetitive, that they were running out of ideas and rehashing certain scenarios. I felt also that the film should have taken itself a little more serious to make it a little more believable, but I feel if that did happen, I am not sure if I would have been a fan of that. I think the film for what it was for the most part was funny at times and also has a star making performance in Sarah Snook, I did not hate this film but I wanted to like it more. It had moments that I did laugh, and moments that I think it wanted me to laugh but I did not. This one is borderline, the film is worth a rental somewhat but it is nothing I would ever want to see again. I am glad I got to see it, but if I did not I would not have worried too much about it.

6 out of 10