Movie Review- Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection


Review-I used to blame Romero for all these zombie films, now I can pass the blame to Walking Dead. Direct to dvd and Zombie Film seems to have always been such a combination, that seems destined to keep on churning out films at a record rate. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection is being billed as being based off of the Romero classic, but I hate to spoil this for you, that comment is more wishful thinking then actual truth. Beside zombies, this film is just your new direct to dvd zombie film that just has that name as a selling point, not a delivering point. This film does more effective storytelling in the first 30 minutes than what you get overall. This tells about the cities being plagued, and now the dead has risen to take over. The film sounds like they shot in Wales, and this film is clearly out to cash in on the zombie craze, but does offer some very good concepts and kill scenes.

The bad thing about that is, you have to go thru a lot of dialogue and slow paced drama to get there. The positives for this film are basically a smart sense of what it is doing in the opening half hour, it opens the film up with a hero that is struggling to find his loved one who is named Barbara, which is in homage I suppose to the original film. Around the 30 minute mark, things change and it shocked me that they would take that route, you can tell the director and writer knew that people would falsely get invested thinking they knew what the story was about or heading towards and they threw us a curve ball which led to the down point of the film and this family who have managed to survive so far in their Welsh farm home. The father, Gerald I suppose is a take on Herschel almost. The man opens up that shotgun on anyone who could be one of those crazies.

I feel like the positives to this film almost equal out the negatives, I mean this film was shot on a very bare bones budget and they did get the most for the buck on this. I just wish the story from the 30 minute mark to around the hour was a little more solid, and kept my interest more. But, the film has some solid storytelling in the opening half hour, a twist that I did not ever assume would happen, and some zombie goodness in the last half hour that kept my attention and makes this a slight recommendation. The film shows some promise of a great director that is going to emerge after a few more films and bigger budgets. I think the acting in this film was what you would expect from a low budget like this, but the gore element that you do get is more than worthy to get you talking. I think the name of this film hurts it more than helps, that this film did not need that name to stand out, that it was solid enough in what it offers to stand on its own.

7 out of 10