Movie Review-K-11


Look for it April 23rd from Breaking Glass Pictures

Review-K-11 is easily one of those movies that you are either going to get and embrace it, or do not get it and be lost. A film this odd could only have one company releasing it and that is Breaking Glass Pictures, who have made a reputation for trying to push the bounds in films as far as they can get away with. K-11 centers on Raymond Saxx who committed a 187 in Beverly Hills. He is thrown in the k-11 part of prison that is for the homosexuals and transgender prisoners. Once thrown inside his cell he meets his cell mate who is named Butterfly. This film comes across as a head-trip into madness, nothing is as it appears. This film deals with so much that I am just shocked in a good way that it was not preachy and it was not heavier into the message, it touches on subjects like rape, drug abuse and the way transgender people are treated in prison. Talk about a film that would make you just say no to drugs, this film is liked a coked out version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We have our main character who is struggling with his plight, and we have a sadistic warden who tries so hard in each scene for us to hate him more and more. And then you have a vicious child molester who is played by Tiny Lister aka Zeus. The film opens with Saxx going to jail for the suspected murder of a musician signed to his label, for some reason they confine him to the K-11, which leads to this straight male to be very well liked. Then there is the den mother named Mousey who is launching a plan to stop a duo that keeps them in fear.

This film plays out like Prison Break influenced by Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the film is not perfect but it was not bad. I felt the performances in this film were fun; you even have Jason Mewes hamming it up and a very weird and odd cameo that I will not spoil. The negatives to this film are easy, at times it is very confusing and hard to fathom certain things and dialogue going down in a prison, but this is a motion picture so I understand trying to sustain my disbelief just a little, but at times it made me sustain it more than a little. Some of the dialogue is pretty rough, and the actors look at times to be lost but this film has such an oddness that you do not know what the next scene can bring, I found it fascinating enough for a recommend. This could be seen as the next step after Ticked off Trannies with Knives in 2010. This film is not for everyone and some people will be turned off by the premise of the film, but for those daring enough to tread into this pool, you may enjoy the swim.

7 out of 10