Movie Review-John Dies at the End


Review-Don Codcarelli to me is such a visionary. I always know when I watch a film he is involved with, expect something either very creative that I am going to be blown away or something so insane that I feel my mind has completely left my body. John dies at the End is no different. It is so hard to believe it has been over a decade since his last feature film the incredible Bubba Ho Tep and this film has me hoping it is not another decade before I hear from him again. To call this film one of the most anticipated dvd and blu ray releases of this year is underselling the film, trust me if you are any kind of horror fan or fan of Don, this film should have had you camping out in front of the video store you buy from with that cash in hand. I have to be honest, I am not familiar with Jason Pargin’s novel, so I am not sure if this true to the novel, but I know one thing from first scene to end scene, this film had me entertained. Like Bubba Ho this film has such a dark humor and some cheesy CGI that is so bizarre that you have to sit there and roll your eyes and just laugh with the film. (A penis for a doorknob alone is just so absurd that someone would come up with that graphic, much less use it) This film battles on the verge of the true absurd and we get to see any force of evil in an odd light and something called a “meat-beast” that has to be seen to truly be admired or laughed at, depending on your taste.

The negatives are easy, the film gets a bit confusing at times but I feel with repeat views like I did that problem could be remedied. Another negative is I feel Don finds himself in a creative bind, people expect all his films to be in the neighborhood of Phantasm or Bubba, and I am not sure if they are ready for anything different, which means I think most fans are still pissed there is no Bubba Ho Tep 2. This film has some original ideas, and at times some of the ideas fall a little short, but the film as a whole is still solid and will keep you entertained. This film revolves around Dave who is telling a reporter named Arnie his story. The story revolves around Dave and his slacker friend John who hunt monsters, but seem to be more happy when they are doing anything else. In a flashback scene, one night at a party while John’s band is playing, a hallucinogenic drug known as Soy Sauce is introduced and it alters the perception of time and reality. The film revolves around Dave and John both being exposed to the drug and the two as the film plays out get arrested and told that everyone at the party they were at are dead. John then seems to die at the police station and now it is up to Dave to keep using the drug to find out what happened to John. This film is all over the place, and is definitely not a film for everyone. This film takes a lot of patience and someone who is ready for a film that really will take them on a journey. All in all, this film I feel is fun and may have people yearning for Don to make another sequel instead of Bubba.

8 out of 10