Movie Review-Evil Dead 2013


Review-When news first broke that Evil Dead was going to be remade, fans were in an uproar and nothing was positive. You add to this that Diablo Cody’s name was attached and Bruce Campbell was not, and the fans were ready for blood. The first trailer hit with the poster that told us this is the most terrifying movie this year, and a few of the fans were warming up to it, while others were still in the hate pool. Now, here we are on the opening weekend of the film, and you know no matter what this film has on the screen that most horror fans are going into this film already hating it, that they forget the reason why we go to the movies and that being to sit back and be entertained.

If you go into this film with a checklist trying to compare it to the original, you are going to be letdown, because this film may share the same premise but past that, beside little touches here and there this is a totally different Evil Dead. This time the 5 friends go into the woods as more of an intervention for Mia who is trying to quit drugs. All is fine till there is a smell coming from in the cellar and the two males check it out and see all these cats that have been sacrificed and a book that is wrapped in barb wire. When Eric decides to open the book and start quoting it, he awakens something. Mia while this is going on starts seeing things and thinks it is part of her withdrawals and she freaks out and takes off with the car. While driving she sees something in the road and tries to avoid it and lands in the water. When she escapes the car, she is being chased in the woods by the spirits, and they re-enact the tree raping scene from the original, with a not so special twist to it, that a ghost girl pukes out the limb that goes inside Mia.

When Mia, gets back to the cabin as you can guess she is out to kill the other four. The kills in this film are really well done; there is a scene that involves a nail gun that is really gory, limbs being cut off, as well as a fight in the bathroom that really was well done as well. My issues with this film were the first ten to fifteen minutes, I felt it started so lame and slow. There is a scene in the beginning that involves a girl and her dad that I guess is part of the back-story of the book of the dead. The film when they are possessed the females seem to act more like Linda Blair from the Exorcist. I also had issue with the last ten minutes of this film, which I cannot explain because of spoilers but will say that I really was hoping for a bang of an ending and felt like I got a whimper.

Again this is one of those films that I feel that no matter what was on the screen, that most fans have their minds made up before even witnessing it. I remember after the movie was over and talking to this girl outside the theater and I told her I was shocked that I walked out the theater and the world still exists the same way it did when I entered. To be there at a Saturday afternoon show at 5pm and there were only 17 people in the theater is sad. My god all you people bitch about horror and wanting to support it, and when it comes out you wait for some shitty dub online and steal it, or you just assume that you will not like it. Why even watch horror then?

Is this the most terrifying movie of the year? Not even close, but it was entertaining and despite the start and end, this film delivered some decent gore and the acting was really good as well. This is not your parents Evil Dead so people get ready for a brave re-imaging of a classic.

8 out of 10