Movie Review-Crush


Review-Crush is that film you just know on paper had to look like it can’t miss. The film revolves around a social misfit named Bess, who I will be honest is better looking than 90 percent of the girls in her school, but is supposed to be playing some outcast. She has this unhealthy crush on Scott, who as the film starts off we learn is this all star athlete, and the king of cool at the school. Well, he gets hurt playing the school Soccer game and the film revolves around him trying to get him back in shape to keep playing. The thing is that Bess and Scott have never said one word to each other, but Bess is so head over heels. I will be honest, Bess is absolutely stunning and works at a record store and the scenes with her at work play out like a bad drama version of Pretty in Pink with Bess having her own Duckie. The problem with this film is that it was so unbelievable, that you would assume the stalking would be the other way where Scott is stalking Bess. To add importance to the stalking deal, they use newspaper clippings and social media to try and make it feel so scary or thrilling, but it just felt lame. Soon as you can guess, all the rivals for Scott’s affection soon start to get bad things happening to them. Which for me, I would have made this film so much more fun and included dudes, it would be awesome that there is a gay guy trying to compete for Scott.

Jules is one of the good friends of Scott who I guess is his booty call, who leaves him naked pictures on his phone but he is far more concerned with rehabbing his injury then doing anything about that. Scott seems to have one of Bess’s coworkers eyeing him, who is older and one of his ex-teachers. Boy, what a message this film tells huh, it just borders on parody. Now why do I mention all this, wait till you see what Scott looks like, there is no way this dude can get all these women to pay attention. He looks like Orville Redenbacher’s bastard son. This film is just bad, and the scenes that are supposed to be tension filled just come across as bad, and trying so hard that you cannot help but want this film to hurry up and end. All in all, I would say skip this film. This is being billed as Fatal Attraction for teens, and I am 45 years old, maybe I am the wrong audience for it? I just do not see how any teen could get into this film, especially with so many better films out on this topic.

2 out of 10