Movie Review-Baron Blood


Review-The awesome folks at Cheesy Flicks are bringing back the 70’s oldies and introducing a new fan base to these films. I am somewhat saddened that this is the film they want to introduce you to. Baron of Blood is a very misunderstood 1972 film that is so obscure that I am shocked that it would be released again. That is not saying that the film is so bad, it is just going to be misunderstood by horror fans and I feel like I am the main one who will be the first to admit, that I was expecting this to be something so different than what it was. The film title refers to the nickname of the evil Count who is brought back from the dead. Once he comes to life again, he is back in business and has a cellar full of goodies for torturing people. Which by today’s standards may not seem effective, but think about in the early 70’s before there was a Hostel, Saw or internet. This also has a young Elke Sommer who gets shackled to this device called The Rack. This film is good, but I wish it would have been so much better. Does that make sense? I think the film offers a good little horror film; I was just expecting this film to be so much more because I was such a fan of Mario Bava. Joseph Cotton as the count was fun as well, and I feel he as well as Mario never really got their just due in film.

The film was a decent enough transfer; I think Cheezy did a good job with it. This is just one of those films that feel like eating a snack, while hoping for a full meal. It is not bad for what it is, you just wish there was some more to it. The script and acting was what you would expect it to be, at times some of the dialogue does get very cheesy (excuse the pun JenJen), but that is a part of the film that felt fun to me. The film does feel at times to be dragging, but the film gives you a little above average scare moments and a young Sommer looking very beautiful and trying to overact her scenes and overselling her peril, which again was another positive. And to think later she would have a reoccurring role on The Love Boat. (Ask your parents about the love boat, god do I feel so damn old)This film was decent, and may be worth the 5.00 price tag the Cheese people have it for.

7 out of 10