Movie Review-A Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia


Review-I was a somewhat fan of The Haunting in Connecticut, and was sort of stoked to learn that they were going to continue with Ghosts of Georgia. Before we go any further, this is not a sequel to the first film which I did not know until viewing, and this is a totally different storyline. Which makes me think, why even call it Haunting in Connecticut 2? I guess they seen dollar signs in that 2 more than calling the film The Ghosts of Georgia Haunting. Before I start this review, I will say that if I knew going into this film that the 2 films were not connected and that they would again try to sell me that this is also based on a true story, I am not so sure if I would have wanted to see it. I mean, I am letdown from the get-go to know that they are claiming that this is a totally different premise and story, with all new characters and situations but still has a 2 at the end. It is very misleading to viewers and fans of the first film who will more than likely buy it without knowing different just for the sheer fact that they liked the first film.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia tells the “based on a true story” tale of the Wyrick family, who are very much selling the redneck aspect of Georgia a little too much. You just know when you watch them acting that it almost seems more like a mocking of the people than imitating. Well this husband, wife and kid move into this little country home and then we find out that both mom and daughter can see spirits somewhat. Well, the daughter swears she talks to and sees the last people who owned the land. As you can guess, soon things get insane and the family are going to get you to jump and be scared a lot. This film is just a letdown, and the storytelling is so boringly done, that when things start to go down, they just feel like afterthoughts and just a way to make the film finish faster. The acting in this film is just so one note, that all the characters feel more like they are phoning it in, then trying to deliver to you. When you watch this film you realize why they put that 2 in the title, because there is no way this film would have been greenlit any other way. The ending is just so Hollywood that I wanted to throw the blu ray out the player and break it in half. I hope and pray that they are not planning on another film.

This film does have maybe a few scenes that I felt were almost ok, but still felt like I seen them before. I mean I understand horror is not the most original genre, but at least if you borrow an idea at least try to make it seem fresh. This film is the first direct to dvd sequel, that I was told was not a sequel. I bet if the people who made part one ever got wind of this film and how bad it is, they would not want to be associated with it as well.

3 out of 10