Movie Review-A Haunted House


Coming out on April 23rd

Review-Scary Movie is a film that I feel was the best and worst thing to ever happen to the Wayans family. Scary Movie was the film that had the MPAA under scrutiny for turning a blind eye to certain scenes to getting the family name that big huge box office smash. To me, after Scary Movie the Wayans family well ran dry and they been trying to keep careers alive on the fumes. To me, the most played out act of all the family members is Marlon. His humor is so one note and unfunny, that if you have witnessed just one of his films and smirked or even smiled, you gave him more reaction then he deserves. This is also the one that people wanted to see him nominated for an Oscar for Requiem for a Dream, and had the wrath of all the fan boys for playing Ripcord in the GI Joe film. To be honest, I admit I sat thru the unfunny Little Man, White Chicks, and Dance Flick. Those three films combined could be seen as the sad death of comedy. Now, we have A Haunted House. We get yet another parody or spoof of Paranormal Activity. Like all films in the wake of the Wayans brothers’ successful Scary Movie, this film has all the same elements of all the other films mentioned. You have the racial stereotypes that white people have to be perceived as one of the following clueless, idiotic, sexually wanting a black man, or homosexual. And you have all this cruel Latino humor that if the finger was pointed and a Latino was attacking the black community this much all the black leaders and Spike Lee would be on their media hungry soapbox to speak up. It is a film with a Wayans in the main role; let’s see it will have long and done to death fart jokes that border on unfunny to just more and more stupid. How many times do we have to see a woman doing fake farts, or seeing someone hump stuffed animals trying to demonstrate sexual positions? Is this funny to you? If so, this film has so much of it, you are going to laugh yourself silly. This film I guess is trying to be the urban Paranormal Activity, and that a million cuss words can make up for an unfunny script. I will admit when they get their homeboys in the house to check it out, I had a smirk but that scene lasted what 3 minutes. So, 3 minutes of this film was actually funny.

This film tried so hard to feel cutting edge like Scary Movie was, but I am sad to announce to Marlon Wayans I know you are making your career nowadays on less is more, but dude do you even watch this stuff to see how bad it truly is? There is no way anyone who was involved with this film sat thru the whole movie and thought this film was worth a movie going public viewing it. They viewed it as a way to make some cash real fast and beat out the rival Scary Movie V in both its theater run and upcoming blu ray and dvd release. The plot of this film is a bunch of clueless Hollywood types that want to keep milking the same old dumb shtick on a dumber crowd. And the other plot involves Malcolm and his girlfriend Kisha who decide that they should after two years of dating move in together. Well, as the film goes on we learn that Kisha made a deal with a demon for a pair of shoes, yes you read that right and now the demon is haunting them. Malcolm decides to put cameras all over the house, which leads to so many stale and done to death jokes like the Latino girl and her unfunny antics, and the ghost having sex with both Kisha and Malcolm. I will tell you right now who this film caters to, you ever watch a movie trailer over and over and hear that one joke that the first time you hear it you laugh, but after the 15th time you hear it, it is not funny anymore but you got one idiot in the theater who laughs again for the 16th time now, that is the idiot who would love this film. My expectations going into this film were low to begin with; I did not think this film could be worse than I thought it would be. I am really scared to know how bad the new In Living Color could be with the Wayans aboard for that, considering that they failed to do anything worthy or even half way worthy since 2000.

On a scale one to ten what do I give it, I am ashamed to admit I watched it. The falling further down of the once funny and cutting edge Wayans name.