Metal Review: Warbreath | Gates of Beyond (2013)

Warbreath Gates of BeyondChilean thrash metal act Warbreath have recently unleashed their debut full-length release entitled “Gates of Beyond” through Digmetalworld Records and it is a good one. Warbreath is bringing back the swagger that thrash metal once had, and for me, I am all in with that.

The track that everyone is probably already familiar with is Devastation, but there is much more to “Gates of Beyond” than one simple track. of course, Devastation is no slouch though. The guitar solo alone is worthy of a mention. The anthemic Hell Fire is the track that I keep coming back to though. The opening riffs seem to get stronger as the extended intro creeps in.

With only 8 tracks, “Gates of Beyond” could be a little longer, but since most of the albums that I get never make it past one listen, I am content with what I can get.

For thrash metal fans, this one is a no-brainer. Add it to your collection. They are akin to thrash bands like Death Angel if you need a reference.

Gates of Beyond Track Listing:
01.Evilution 04:22
02.Devastation 04:02
03.Hell Fire 04:11
04.Wander 04:37
05.Seed Of Fire 06:23
06.Bound To No Man’s 04:42
07.Kill the Mind 06:31
08.On my Way to Acheron 05:29

Warbreath Line-up:
Carlos Escobar: Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitars
Lead Ronny: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Alex Cluster: Bass / Backing Vocals
Gustavo Lara: Drums / Backing Vocals