Metal Review: Magister Templi | Lucifer Leviathan Logos (2013)

Magister Templi Lucifer Leviathan Logos

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Norway doom/occult metal band Magister Templi is set to release their debut full-length release, “Lucifer Leviathan Logos,” through Cruz del Sur Music in May and all I can say is “Wow!” I honestly do not say that too often because bands do not give me a reason to say that all that often anymore, but Magister Templi has done something special with “Lucifer Leviathan Logos.”

The Scandinavian doom/occult metal scene is thriving these days in part to bands like Ghost, In Solitude and Portrait, but for my money, Magister Templi has taken the lead in this charge. With their NWOBHM-inspired traditional metal crafted perfectly with elements from metal giants Mercyful Fate, Magister Templi shows that are a force to be reckoned with.

I wish that I could point out one song or two as highlights, but I would be shortchanging the album. The second track, Lucifer, has a chorus that is simply astounding. The song reminds me of early Solitude Aeturnus with the buildup to this powerful chorus that was made so powerful by the likes of an amazing vocalist.

The Innsmouth Look is catchy as hell and introduces tempo changes on a dime. Trust me, you will be singing this one in your head for days after listening to it. Leviathan is as heavy as you would expect from the title. Tiphareth has an amazing opening that keeps going throughout the length of the song. Logos is just a rill-filled masterpiece. And, of course, the album closes out with the melodic, powerful VITRIOL.

Overall, this album is a keeper. Keep in mind that I do no go gaga for too many albums these days, so “Lucifer Leviathan Logos” is really something special from Magister Templi.

Lucifer Leviathan Logos Track Listing:
1. Master of the Temple
2. Lucifer
3. The Innsmouth Look
4. Leviathan
5. Tiphareth
6. Logos