Metal Review: Imperium Dekadenz | Meadows of Nostalgia (2013)

Imperium Dekadenz Meadows of Nostalgia

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German black metal duo Imperium Dekadenz are back after a three year absence with their latest effort “Meadows of Nostalgia,” which is a release filled with despair and melody. The pair avoids the typical black metal cliches as they weave in and out of each track seemlessly. Horaz’s vocals are as powerful as ever and Vespasian’s drum work is spot on and never overpowering.

There is not a track wasted on “Meadows of Nostalgia” from epics songs like Aue Der Nostalgie, which clocks in at over 10 minutes to brief clean instrumental pieces like Memoria containing more melody in its brief 2 minutes than most bands have throughout an entire release.

You can definitely hear the nods to Bathory on this one in the song formats to individual riffs and melodies. Of course, that can be said for most black metal bands as well though. Imperium Dekadenz does plenty to set themselves apart though.

I just hope that 2013 keeps it up with these black metal releases that I have been getting into. “Meadows of Nostalgia” is easily one of the best of the year already and I have a feeling that I will get into it even more as I explore each intricate pattern with more listens.

Meadows of Nostalgia Track Listing:
01. Durch Das Tor…
02. Brigobannis
03. Aue Der Nostalgie
04. Ave Danuvi
05. Memoria
06. Aura Silvae
07. Der Unweg
08. Striga
09. Tranen Des Bacchus

Imperium Dekadenz Line-up:
Vespasian – Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keys
Horaz – Vocals, Guitars, Keys