Metal Review: Atrocity | Okkult (2013)

Atrocity Okkult

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Germany’s Atrocity is back with their latest effort “Okkult,” their 12th full-length release. As with their previous works, you have to wait and see what comes out to see which genre of metal they are working in at the moment. This is a band that has been all over the map of metal, most of which has been accomplished successfully.

Okkult” is a throwback of sorts to some earlier things that Atrocity has done. the goth metal style is pretty much gone and replaced with a nice mix of symphonic and death metal. Going through Atrocity’s discography is surely a roller coaster of styles, but they have been successful with most styles that they have worked on. Just think of the Werk 80’s albums and how they dared to cover all of those pop acts. Most were discouraged by these albums, but I was all for them. They set the precedent for bands like Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom to do the same.

Okkult” opens with Pandaemonium, which is a beautiful, melodic song with so many layered elements that there is no denying the talent that Atrocity possesses. Thorsten Bauer and Sander van der Meer’s guitar work is in top notch form for the entire album, but Pandaemonium is one of their best performances.

The headbanging Death by Metal is simply brutal with its riffs and leads. It sounds like an edgier Slayer if that is even possible. I cannot stop replaying this one.

March of the Undying and Haunted By Demons are no less awesome than the previously mentioned tracks. There really are no downsides to this album, so add this one to your collection right away.

Okkult Track Listing:
1. Pandaemonium (6:12)
2. Death by Metal (3:28)
3. March of the Undying (3:50)
4. Haunted By Demons (3:49)
5. Murder Blood Assassination (5:41)
6. Necromancy Divine (6:48)
7. Satan’s Braut (3:17)
8. Todesstimmen (2:03)
9. Masaya (Boca Del Infierno) (3:02)
10. When Empires Fall to Dust (4:16)
11. Beyond Perpetual Ice (3:39)
12. La Voisine (8:08)

Atrocity Line-up:
Alexander Krull – Vocals, Keyboards
Thorsten Bauer – Guitars
Sander van der Meer – Guitars
JB Van der Wal – Bass
Joris Nijenhuis – Drums