First news on the latest Tommy Pistol film….


We here at the Channel, love the Tommy Pistol. We got our first taste of the talent from Breaking Glass’s film The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, and then last year in a film called Evil Head. If you have not heard of either of the films, you are missing out. Did you know Evil Head is the first adult film to make mainstream horror critics top ten lists? And not just one, but a few. So read on about what is coming out of the land of Tommy Pistol and his demented planet that is far from normal.


Bonnie Rotten stars in her first leading adult role as a bounty hunter and one of the last few survivors left in the zombie apocalypse.
After a pill was invented to cure the world’s obesity dilemma turned everyone who’s taken the drug into crazed, uncontrollable flesh eating psychos. Years passed and only a few men in the world are still clean and can generate pure semen.
Bonnie Rotten is hired by a mad scientist named Dr.Life to track and collect their semen at all costs. Will she reach her target in time to collect every drop of semen before it is swallowed? Or will she fall victim to the horde of zombies needing to eat the survivors around her? It’s do or die and her corpse is on the menu.