Eyeconoclast | Drones of the Awakening (2013) Review

Eyeconoclast Drones of the Awakening

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Band: Eyeconoclast
Album: Drones of the Awakening
Release Year: 2013
Label: Prosthetic Records

Italy’s death/thrash metal band Eyeconoclast is back with their second full-length release entitled “Drones of the Awakening,” and it will melt your face off if you are not prepared for its power. You need to be in the mood for some seriously angry, powerful death metal or it will simply overpower you. Eyeconoclast is an extremely intense band that performs with speed and precision.

Track after track, Eyeconoclast seems to ramp up the speed and intensity, but with such precision that you will take note that they are not your average metal band technically. The riffwork is intricate and the drums are spot on with every one of those riffs. Listen to tracks list Rise of the Orgamechanism and you will see what I mean. This track is just one of their many tracks that are filled with massive riff after riff changing at the drop of a dime, but it sounds like they all belong together.

Another standout is Down of the Promethean Artilect. The last minute and a half is comprised of a very melodic lead guitar playing into a choas-filled group of riffs to close the track out.

Overall, Eyeconoclast is just getting started and “Drones of the Awakening” has the sound of an album created by veterans of the genre. Just be prepared though. You cannot say that I did not warn you though.

Drones of the Awakening Track Listing:
1. Proclaiming from Dead Dimensions
2. Rise of the Orgamechanism
3. Down of the Promethean Artilect
4. Anoxic Waters
5. Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream
6. Obsolecsed
7. Hallucinating in Genetic Disarray
8. XXX- Manifest of Involution
9. Mother Genocidal Machine
10. Invoking Carnage (Racing Blind)
11. Executioner