Severin Films claim that this Euro-Sleaze Collection box-set is “the most depraved European films ever”. Ok, they got my attention and Severin hardly ever fail to impress me, so I am really the fan they seem to be speaking to. So going into this collection you may not want to have high expectations like I did. The first film of this set is The Sister of Ursula. A quick synopsis: Ursula is a Clairvoyant and along with her sister they check into this Italian seaside little resident right after their dad died. Soon all around them other people staying in the same place start to die. We get in somewhat R rated detail a murderer who spies on people having intercourse, and then knocking out the female, then have sex with them with this huge image of a penis that we only see in shadow. Ursula thinks that her father is haunting her and thinks he is the shadow penis guy. Then she thinks it is one of the other people around her named Roberto, what do all these visions mean? This was sort of a letdown for me; it felt just like your typical Giallo film. The pace of this film is so damn slow and that by the time anything worthwhile happens you just feel like it was wasted because it took so long to happen. The gore and blood, even the violence felt really tame, there was more innuendo of violence then actually seeing. But, like the little catchphrase that got my attention in the first place, this film has a ton and I mean of ton of sleazy moments. The cinematography of this film was really well done, the setting also created such a great mood for the film but this film had a weird feel of 70’s soft core porn with an art house Lynch influence. I have to be honest though, the film has an ending that I am not sure most people will see coming. It caught me by surprise and Barbara Magnolfi from Suspiria gives us a decent performance, and her beauty is so breathtaking. I just wish she had more to work with, the sex and nude scenes we do get while sleazy were nothing special and no reason to seek this out.

3 out of 10

Next up is Hanna D. which is a pretty hardcore sexploitation film. I have said this so many times in review that these kinds of films should just go full on porn. The synopsis of the film is Hanna is a teenager who is a prostitute to help her mom’s alcohol addiction. Her mother does not seem to like wearing clothes a lot, and she is verbally abusive to her daughter who whores herself to help mom. Hanna falls in love with a pimp, and at one point as you can guess with this kind of film is almost a rape victim from her mom’s lover. As the story plays out she is hoping to be a nude body double and that does not pan out, she then falls in love with heroin and falls in love again this time with a typical everyday guy. All the whole while this is going down, it has a very rough soundtrack that will have you laughing your ass off. Then, Hanna because of the addiction she is now in jail, and then we go from there to her going to her boyfriend’s house and she is vomiting and stumbling around. I will be honest, this was a really fun descent into a sleazy underbelly that we all know someone who went thru it, but I really dug this film and thought Ann-Gisel Glass who plays on a French television show these days named Malone did a great job. The script is nonexistent and the supporting characters are all so bland that they seemed to be the backdrop to Hanna. I felt as disjointed most of this film was, I just love to watch this descent and even though the sleaze is the selling point, to sit there while she is in a full frontal scene and watching her go further and further into this spiral is almost like a borderline sad sexually arousing depressing feeling. To me, this was a lot better than Ursula, but it was nothing stellar or so awesome you just have to rush and see it. I would say if you are in the mood for some drug using woman who pretty much loves to get naked, this may be your film. But, if you are looking for some Oscar worthy talent or a film that will be praise worthy, you may want to skip this.

6 out of 10

The Sinful Dwarf is our last film, and if any film on this set has to be seen to be believed, it is this film. If you think you seen it all in film and have not seen this film, you have not seen it all. This film to be fair is just so fucking bizarre and strange, that I am not sure if I should review the film or be going to seek therapy for seeing the film. Severin is the only people I know with the balls or hole to release this 1974 little hidden treasure. And I will be honest, once you watch this film; you cannot un-watch it. The first two films were sexploitation; I guess this one could be classified as what is the proper term, smallpeopleploitation, or dwarfploitation? The Sinful Dwarf is basically a sweet story of a disturbed dwarf named Olaf who abducts women or tries to lure them to the house owned by his mother. Sounds innocent enough, from there the two drug the women and force them to be part of some sex slave deal. Things change when a young couple moves into this building because it is all their budget will allow. As you can guess, they want to get the female and let her be a part of this as well. This film is disgusting, rape, torture, drug use, women being abused and mistreated and so much more sick as hell stuff. This basically means that I really loved this film a lot and will recommend all of you to seek it out. This film is just disgusting and so vile, how can you not have fun with this film. This film is so funny at times; that you will find yourself laughing at stuff you should not laugh at. This film is something different and quite the taste for the perverse. I would recommend any female if you want to know what kind of lover you are with, get this film and see how they react, all your questions will be answered.

9 out of 10