De Profundis | The Emptiness Within (2012) Review

De Profundis The Emptiness Within

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London, England’s progressive black/doom metal hybrid band De Profundis is back with their second full-length (and third overall) release “The Emptiness Within,” and their latest release seems to be their best effort to date. De Profundis has an odd approach to black metal where they stray from the traditional black metal roots and their progressive feel to it. The blastbeats are there along with the shrieking, powerful vocals, but the band adds many more melodic elements than your average black metal band.

After a brief (unnecessary) introduction to the album, De Profundis hits us with Delirium, which almost sums up the band entirely in one song. Delirium is multi-layered and powerful. The song hits melodic elements in the break as well as heavy moments throughout the majority of the song. Guitarists Roman Subbotin and Soikot Sengupta start something rather nice in Delirium which continues throughout the entire release. Lead solos are thought out and executed with precision and the rhythm guitar riffs are sharp as can be,

Another song that hits on every cylinder is The Wretched Plague. Once again, there are melodic elements that balance the song. There are even some more melodic vocals than in most of the other tracks. This is also the standout track for bass enthusiasts, as Arran McSporran’s work is on full display here. The Wretched Plague is on the heavier side of things as far as the riffs go though.

Overall, De Profundis continues where “A Bleak Reflection” and breaks new ground for the band, which I hope turns into a larger following. To date, I have yet to see De Profundis in person, but that will have to change when I get the opportunity.

The Emptiness Within Track Listing:
1. From the Depths (Intro)
2. Delirium     07:05
3. Silent Gods     06:11
4. This Wretched Plague
5. Twisted Landscapes
6. Release
7. Dead Inside
8. Parallel Existence
9. Unbroken (A Morbid Embrace)

De Profundis Line-up:
Roman Subbotin – Guitars
Craig Land – Vocals
Soikot Sengupta – Guitars
Nick Tingle – Drums
Arran McSporran – Bass