Comic Review: Southern Dog #1

Southern Dog 1Writer: Jeremy Holt
Illustrator: Alex Diotto
Publisher: 215 Ink

In this coming of age tale about the teenage Jasper making his way through high school in the Deep South, writer Jeremy Holt tackles quite a few heavy subjects in the debut issue of Southern Dog from 215 Ink. From the beginning of the issue, we see that Jasper is not a chip off the old block as there is a disconnect between him and his brother and father both. We do not see just how much until we get to the final frame of the debut issue and see what hidden secrets the family has.

It is hard to fathom how a debut issue can pack such a punch and tackle so much within the pages of a single issue, but the heavy elements of the issue are spaced out perfectly within the pages of this issue. The awkward family moments get sufficient time in the issue and are just as important as the action moments within the issue.

The story written by Jeremy Holt is portrayed perfectly by Alex Diotto’s illustrations in each frame. Diotto’s artwork takes a fresh approach with sketchy attributes. There is a nice balance between the two, but for me, the story is the king here, and it is what makes this issue worth its weight in gold.

Overall, Southern Dog #1 is a very strong issue tacking many heavy subjects in a great manner. I will warn you though. If you are expecting a ton of werewolf action frames, you are not getting it in this issue. This issue is all about setting up the right atmosphere and they knocked it out of the park by doing that.

  • fearshop

    Thanks again for the great story. 215 actually sent it over to me for review.

  • Jeremy Holt

    Thanks for the kind review, Mike! How’d you hear about the book? I have some new books coming out this year, and would be happy to send them your way for review if you’d be interested.